FLYBELT has done a remarkable thing - improving something as simple as a belt. At the heart of this innovation is the ability to remove the buckle from the belt while wearing it. This makes passing any security control a breeze. But the best part is, that you can interchange different belt and buckle designs and create your very own style. Belt got smart.

One system - 274 styles.

FLYBELT offers more than just a range of belts. 24 leather styles and 18 buckle designs add up to 274 different variations. You will find your perfect combination within the PURE range in 35mm or the URBAN collection in 40mm width.

Material and craftmanship.

Every FLYBELT is handmade from premium leather. In combination with true traditional craftmanship, every single belt is a unique product that will stay with you for years to come.

Travel and live easy.

FLYBELT was born out of the idea that a belt would be so much more practical and versatile, if you could remove the buckle from the belt. Here we are. Our dream has become reality.

Make your FLYBELT unique.

Since your FLYBELT is your very own design we feel it should also feature a signature touch. Embossed initials are a celebration of material and craftmanship.


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